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Photobooths Available

At Photobooth Republic we realise that different clients have different needs so we provide the choice of two different styles of booths;

  • Open
  • Traditional Enclosed

What you prefer is down to personal preference – both offer a great experience and superb photo quality.

With both options you will receive 6 x 4 inch prints with three or four photos on each. We can provide ‘photo strips’ if required but we find these to be a little small at only 6 x 2 inches.

All photos will be customised for your event with an appropriate message and logo if available. Unlimited visits are allowed which means that fun is maximised at your event.

We provide a wide selection of fun props (glasses, hats,inflatables, signs etc) at every event we run – irrespective of age people seem to like dressing up!

You will have the option of using our social media station at our events so that guests can share images on the night to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

After your event all images taken will be available online in a gallery for your guests to download. You will be able to download the individual images and also the composites that have been printed out.

The images are supplied in high resolution and will have been taken by a quality dSLR camera. There will be the option from the gallery to download, directly share to social media and email the photos. You will also have the option to password protect the gallery should you so wish.

Read on to find out the differences between the different booths.

The Open Photobooth

This is the latest style of booth to hit the market.

Of course it is not really a booth as such as it is not enclosed, but it works in a similar fashion to the more traditional booth.

Guests will receive prints just like those available from our traditional booth.

With this option the camera and flash are housed in a freestanding ‘pod’ which faces a backdrop that guests stand in front of.

Like a more traditional booth there is a screen so you can see your poses before the shots are taken.

The truly enjoyable aspect of this type of booth is that guests can interact with those having their photos taken. No more waiting in a queue wondering what is going on in the booth – guests can see it.

Friendly encouragement, insults and photo-bombing are all guaranteed at your event to make this open style a more interactive and inclusive experience.

The Traditional Closed Photobooth

This is the style of photobooth that most people will have experienced and they know and love.

Inspiration is from the ‘Photo-Me’ booths that I’m sure we have all used at some point to have our passport photographs taken or just used them for ‘daft’ photos.

Clients choose the enclosed booth over the open booth when they want their guest to have privacy when posing.

 What happens in the booth stays in the booth!